We're Looking For Singapore Service-Based Business Partners... Read On To See If You Qualify
Performance-based Marketing
Only Pay For Results!
We are looking for partners on a revenue share model - No Monthly Fees Or Long Term Contracts. No Results, you don't pay us at all.

Before you continue, is this for you?

If you own a service-based business (gym, spa, salon, car workshops, F&B, etc.) in Singapore and is looking to grow your business by generating more leads and sales online, then read on... 
Are you facing some of these problems:
  • No Knowledge - You want to market your business online but don't know how 
  • No Time - You have no time to learn how to use Facebook, Google, YouTube 
  • No Focus - You are doing the marketing by yourself but wants to focus on running the business instead
  • Too Expensive - You don't want to hire an in-house marketing team that is expensive and only knows how to post on social media (salary to cost upwards of $20K for the entire marketing team)
  • No Results - You are sick of hiring freelance marketers or agencies who don't deliver sales results
We get it. 

Most partners and clients we work with faced these problems once as well. 

All business owners know the NEED to focus on digital marketing but have to cross many hurdles before getting to the right solution. 

You know that you have a great product but wants more customers to experience it. 

But the worst is when you spend thousands to hire marketing agencies to setup and run campaigns but don't get the results you want. 

In your mind you wish to have a team of marketing experts; copywriters, designers, developers, media buyers or even a CMO working towards helping your business grow. 

In fact, isn't it every business owner dream to find a trusted marketing partner who can help grow your business with you?

And that's where we come in. 

As a digital marketing agency, we are looking for service-base business owners to grow together. 

With all the successful case studies for clients over the last 10 years, we have identified certain businesses that have a much higher chance of doing really well. 

What we want to achieve is the more we help you make, the more we make - a true partnership (usually on a revenue share model).

That is the reason why we are willing to take on the RISK of only getting paid upon proving that this will work for you. 

Of course the caveat is, we can only work with a selected few clients (maximum 5 new clients per month). 
"But wait... most agencies are asking for Monthly fees. Why are you so confident you can deliver?" Well, our marketing results speak for themselves - take a look:
☝️ "7 Figure Sales in 3 Months!"
Jeff, Tiny Assets
☝️ "Made Over $500K Working With Us!"
Dr Bryan, Equilibrio Chiropractic
☝️ $5,000+ Online sales in 2 months!
Aircon Servicing Company
☝️ $106,400 revenue bump in 1 year!
Seafood Restaurant
☝️ $11,600+ sales in 2 months!
Elderly Fitness Programs
☝️ $2,100+ Promo Sales in 2 Months!
Aesthetic Clinic
☝️ $6,300 in online Sales in 2 months!
F&B E-commerce
☝️ 2,000+ New Customers In 1 Year!
Organic Skincare
☝️ 100 dining Promo SALES in 1st week!
Chinese Restaurant
☝️ 1,500 new customers in 2 weeks!
fashion brand launch
☝️ $27K+ sales in 3 months!
image consultant
☝️ $530K+ sales in 6 months!
Baby Product e-commerce

So how does it work?

Just like you, we put a lot of work and expertise to grow our company to this stage - where we're able to build proven, duplicable marketing systems to help businesses scale. 

And we want to prove how confident we are of our results by doing something that few other agencies are willing to do.

For service-based business (gym, spa, salon, car workshops, F&B, etc.) in Singapore, we have a proven system to help you generate more new customers.

We use a SALES FUNNEL and drive targeted multi-channel traffic to it using paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube to help you get more paid customers.
Usually we charge $3K-$5K monthly retainer but for this "partnership trial", you would only pay a one-time setup fee and moving forward, you only for performance (usually a revenue share model) - with no monthly fees.

Here is exactly how it will work out:
  • Step 1 - once you submit your application, our team will access and get on a zoom call with you (if deemed suitable)
  • Step 2 - On the call, we will go in-depth into understanding into your business and goals, explain about the process and find our whether we are a good fit
  • Step 3 - If we are a good fit, we enter into a "partnership trial" and agree upon the revenue share terms
  • Step 4 - Onboarding session with our team on Zoom
  • Step 5 - We build your sales funnel, write your ads and setup your campaigns to run 
  • Step 6 - We optimize to hit KPIs 
  • Step 7 - We review the campaigns with you
  • Step 8 - We move into a full partnership (usually based on revenue share) where we grow together
And that's it. 

If there's no results, you don't pay us at all.

How's that for a deal?

And the best part about this moving forward?

We are 100% invested in your results. 

After all, on a partnership model, we get paid more when we help you make more. 

You will finally have a marketing partner who wants to help you do as well as possible. 

Want to work with us?

Again, we can't do this for everyone. 

Because we want the best chances for this to work for both of us, we can only work with certain businesses that fit a few strict criteria:
  • Service-based business (gym, spa, salon, car workshops, F&B, etc.)
  • Have a good front-end product/offer/promo 
  • Can take on at least $30K new business every month
  • Strong backend sales & follow up for upselling
  • Good customer lifetime value (not just one-off sales)
  • Can spend at least $3K/month on ad spend
Once you're sure you fit our criteria, tap the button below to submit an application - please do not fill up the application if you do not qualify (read note below)

Then, book a call with our strategist to better understand your position and direction. 

Our team will look through your info, and let you know whether we're a good fit. 

If we are, we'll go into the "partnership trial"

It'll be like instantly adding a full marketing department into your business. 

We look forward to working with you. 

Note: If you don't qualify and still wants to work with us on a retainer basis, please contact us through here instead: https://leads.sg/dream-team/

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